Difference Between UV & RO Water Purifiers

With the times changing today you find many types of water purifiers like R.O. , U.V. , Storage water filters etc. and many times it gets confusing which type of water purifier to purchase. So here are a few tips..

You should consider a few things before chosing the one most suitable for you which are as follows:

1. Type of water supply you have Municipal (Govt. water supply) or Underground Supply.

2. Do you have a proper water connection?

3. Your water water requirement.

4. How much you want to spend on the product.

5. How much you can afford to spend on maintainence.


    R.O. Water Filter U.V. Water Filter
  Suitable for Underground Water   Municipal / Govt. Water Supply
  Running Cost More Expensive   Less Expensive
  Total Cost Expensive   Cheaper
  Advantages     Low running costs, Can be installed directly on the water pipline.

If you are using Underground water we recommend RO Water filter. As the water is untreated, hasn't gone through any treatment and in many areas there's a high level of TDS level which needs to be lower down.

If you have Municipal / Govt. water supply we recommend UV water purifiers. As the water is already treated and has already gone various stages of water purification even though not sufficiently enough! In such a case an additional water purification system can be installed for a last stage purification.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: Is RO Best water filter as it is more expensive than UV or storage water filter?

ANS: Many people blindly believe that because RO waer purifiers as expensive so they difinetly will give a better result. But suprisingly it is NOT SO!!!


QUES: Which is the Best RO Water filter Brand?

ANS: Today world over minimum water standards are set by govts so any brand which is following such standard should be considered as a safe bet to purchase. Another point that you should keep in mind before purchasing is that brands service record in market and its spare availibility. So therefore Eureka forbes, Kent & Hindustan Uniliver can be considered as safe bets.


QUES: We have Underground water supply and water is High TDS level , so I have installed R.O. so how can I save on its maintainenece.

ANS: Well the best way to save on maintainence is by following methods:
a) Avoiding wastage of filtered water.
b) Changing the cotton filter (which is low on cost) more often, so thereby putting less strain on membrane which is of higher costing.
c) You can also save huge sum by replacing the spares yourself timely with quality spares from a good vendor.


QUES: Today in market we see RO's with RO + UV + UF. Whats are the benefits of such a product and shouldn't we go for a complete package rather than a simple RO?

ANS: If you ask me, I really don't understand the use of making a product RO+UV!! Either you need RO or UV ! Why treat a water again with UV if its already been treated with RO or vise versa!?
Just a marketing gimmick I'll say, but you decide.


QUES: What are the advantages and disadvantages of storage water filter?

ANS: Some of the few advantages of Storage water filter is the most econmical way of purifying water yet getting 100% safe drinking water. The maintainence is quite low and the replacements of filters can be done by the user himself without any help form any technitian. Also the spares are easily available in the market for most storage water filters.
Disadvantage: The only drawback being that the water filter purifies water and a comparitively much slower speed and it takes almost half an hour to filter about 9Lits of water.


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Disclaimer : Given above are our views only, with best of our knowledge and today's scenario. We do not claim them to be 100% correct and do not take any responsibility otherwise.

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