Minimagic Fresh


(Actual Product may vary in appreance)

Model Minimagic Fresh (R)
Brand Voltas
Type Floor Mounting
Cabinet Type Cooling Type
Warranty 1 Year
Power Supply 230V ± 10%, 50Hz
Number of Taps 3
Cold Water storage capcity 3Lits
Cooling Capacity 2 Lits / hr at 10°C - 13.5°C
Cooling Power Consumption 88 watts, 0.43A
Hot water storage capacity 5 Lits/hr at 80°C - 95°C
Heating Power Consumption 420 watts, 2.17A
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) 330 x 310 x 850 mm
Weight 20 kg
Cabinet Capacity 16 Lits
Cooling Cabinet Temprature 8°C - 10°C
M.R.P : Rs.9,490/- Our Price : Rs.8,850/-
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Chilling Compartment* : Now you have the comfort of a mini refrigerator at your service. Now easily store fruits, salads without any worry. Not only that you can also store your favourate bevrages and take them when you feel like having one for a refreshing feel!

FOOD GRADE PLASTIC PARTS : Plastic parts that come in contact with water are of good grade quality, ensuring utmost hygiene

STAINLESS STEEL TANK, TROUGH AND FAUCETS For safe drinking water, year after year


USAGE : It is Ideal for home, showrooms, offices & Factories.



Note : The above picture is for indication pupose only, Actual product may vary from above. Product features, specifications, design are subject to change at any time. * CHILLING COMPARTMENT is not ment for making ICE CUBES.. It is basically ment for keeping Fruits & Salads fresh for a few hours. The water dispenser do not come with a plastic water Jar/bottle / bottle cover/ glass holde they have to purchased serperately. Voltas is an Enterprise of TATA ,We have no assosiation with TATA besides being resellers of their products. Also read our Disclaimer.

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