Trendy S.S. Vacuum Cleaner

Trendy Steel Vacuum Brand Eureka Forbes
Model Trendy Stainless Steel
Weight 8.9Kg (Machine Weight 6.8KG)
(L X W X H)
550MM X 280MM X 230MM
Suction 2150mm of Water Column
Motor 1300 Watts
Accessories Largest range of 13 accessories makes it most versatile cleaning solution.
MRP Rs.7,499
OUR PRICE : Rs. 6,950/-
  1. Both suction & Blower functions, to remove dust even from hard to reach places.  
  2. Variable power controls for different cleaning needs.  
  3.Dust Bag FULL indicatior.  
  4. Automatic power cable winder for convenience. Cord Length : 5mts  
  5. Dust Bag capacity 3.5 Lits (Cloth Bag)  



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