Soap Dispenser SD - 07

Model : SD 07
Brand Avro
Soap Type Liquid (Not Included)
Color Black (Usually)
Body ABS Plastic
Liquid Soap Capacity 1100ML
Manual - Press Yes
PRICE Rs. 1,200/-


Manual Soap Dispenser

is device, which is used in easy feather touch operated to have a gentle hand wash. When the button is touched on the device, it dispenses the soap liquid. It is sleek and style model made of ABS non-breakable plastic and 304 Classic Stainless Steel.

Manual soap dispensers are also called as foam soap dispensers.


USAGE : It is Ideal for home, showrooms, offices, Factories.




Note : The above picture is for indication pupose only. Product features, specifications, design are subject to change at any time. This model does not comes with Cooling Cabinet.Further models coming with the CHILLING COMPARTMENT is not ment for making ICE CUBES.. It is basically ment for keeping Fruits & Salads fresh for a few hours.The water dispenser do not come with a plastic water Jar/bottle they have to purchased serperately. Voltas is an Enterprise of TATA ,We have no assosiation with TATA besides being resellers of their products. Also read our Disclaimer.

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