Automatic Shoe Shiner

Avro Shoe Shining equipment BRAND Avro
Product Shoe Shiner
Finish Black wooden
Watts 40 W
Volts 220 V AC
Timer 15 Sec Auto Cut Off
Brushes 1 Black + 1 Brown
Warranty 1 Year
MRP Rs. 9000/-
You Save Rs. 800
Our Price Rs. 8200/-





USAGE : It is Ideal for home, Restaurants, Backery, Hotels etc.


Note : It is believed that you have also read & agreed to our T&C & specifications by reading the Disclaimer page on our website before proceeding to any further. Actual product / Specifications may vary from what given above. Hotcase are not ment for Quick reheating of food. If you need to purchase for that pupose then purchase a Microwave. Incase of complaints in HOTCASE the product must be sent to our showroom at your own cost, No free home service will be provided. No warranty for Breakage of Glass in hotcase. Due to hand manufacturing some dents might be visible. It is not ment for cooking food..


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