Brand Russell Hobbs
Model ROR 11 FN
No. of Fins 11
Power 2900 Watts (with Fan)
Heat Setting 3 Different settings
Fan Yes
Indicator Light
Safety thermostat
ISI Certification
Warranty 1 Year (On Site*)
Area Converage 100 to 125 Sq. Mts.
M.R.P. Rs. 10,995/-
You Save Rs. 2,199
Our Price Rs. 8,796/-
    ( Delivery Charges Extra )
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Thermostat - allows you to set the temperature output of the heater so that you get the right level of warmth and use as little electricity as possible.

Safety cut out - all of the heaters and radiators have this these days, if the heater over-heats for whatever reason the power is cut so avoid any damage.

Tilt cut off - normally standard on all heaters and especially important on halogen and fan heaters which turns them off if they are knocked over, this prevents the carpet from being burnt.

Heat settings - this controls the output so for example on a 1.5kW heater there might be 3 settings.  Setting one will give a 500w output, setting two 1kW and setting three 1.5kW.  This allows you to have better control over the temperature in the room and the cost of running the heater.


Special features of oil filled radiators
d   Heating surface 35% larger than traditional models for a better and more uniform heat distribution.
  Maximum efficiency in thermal exchange and quicker in heating than traditional radiators.
  New ergonomic room thermostat to set and automatically keep the desired temperature.
  Compact structure with no sharp edges.
  Handle and castors for easy movement.


How to assemble Oil filled radiator



What is an Oil Filled Radiator Heater?

An oil-filled heater operates by warming special heat conserving oil that is stored inside of a sealed compartment of coils and fins.

Then it circulates the oil throughout the coils and fins  of the radiator to heat them. Those coils and fins radiate the heat into the  rest of the room through convection. Cold air is warmed by the heat radiating  from the fins of the heater and the warmed air rises drawing in the air below it 
which is usually colder than the air above and the process repeats.

Since it  does not have fans to move the air around the radiator is silent.


How much times does a Oil filled radiator takes to heat?

It usually takes this heater up to one hour to reach its best heat but once it gets there, your area is nice and toasty. It also takes the same amount of time to cool down.


What are the benefits of using a OFR & How is OFR different from other heaters?

Unlike portable electric heaters that radiate heat then use a fan to blow the heat in a directed area. The  most obvious reasons to purchase a oil filled radiator heater are :

  • Safety
  • Silent Operation
  • No loss of humidity
  • Does not burns Oxygen


Do we need to change OIL in a Oil filled Raditor

The  heat conserving oil is sealed inside the coils of the radiator. Since the oil is  only warmed & is never burned, therefore never needs to be replaced or refilled it  makes oil filled radiator heaters very efficient to operate.


Note: Image shown above is for discription purpose only , actual product may vary from above. On site warranty is applicable in select cities only.

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