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Temprature : -15 Degrees to + 50 Degree C

Wide : 200 mm

Thickness : 3 MM

60mm Overlapping i.e 30%

Prices given above includes hard ware

Installation for Delhi : Rs.800

Taxes : 12.5% Extra

Discount : Applicable for Corporate inquries





Temprature : -15 Degrees to + 50 Degree C

Wide : 200 mm

Thickness : 5 MM

60mm Overlapping i.e 30%

Prices given above includes hard ware

Installation for Delhi : Rs.800

Taxes : 12.5% Extra

Discount : Applicable for Corporate enquiries


What is a Strip Curtain ?

Strip Curtain are the most basic and economical barriers to separate two spaces.

They are overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible plastic known as PVC Strip Doors or Strip Curtains. The most common application for Strip curtain is as a secondary barrier where the primary door will be left open for extended periods to facilitate workflow. Another example of where PVC Strip Doors are used include cooler doors or freezer doors or even overhead dock doors where controlling environmental conditions such as heating, cooling or moisture will save energy and protect supplies and equipment.

Vinyl Strip Curtains provide improve the traffic flow as they help speed the movement of your personnel or materials between two areas in your building by eliminating the stop, open, move through and manually close actions that a traditional door requires.

Strip Curtains also provide protection against noise, wind and dirt therefore helping to provide a comfortable work environment for your employees.


They are a perfect solution for pedestrian usage to control temprature & dust in warehouses as well as offices without impeding access, especially at ares where there is a frequent movement of people, machines & Trolleys.


Ques: Strip Curtain are effective but are Strip Curtain Economical ?

Ans: Yes, PVC Strip Curtains come out to be very economical from the very begining.

Low initial Cost (in comparison to other costly alternative like glass door / Air Curtains)

Easy to install (Does not require must expertise in installing them)

No Recurring Cost (Unlike air curtain strip curtains do not require electricty therefore have not recurring cost or running cost)

Easy to maintain

Easy to Repair

Easy to Replace


(Width Available in many sizes - STANDARD SIZE ARE 20CM WITH 30% OVERLAPPING I.E 6CM)




Strip Curtains Applications :

Strip curtain are common in the food service and industrial sectors. Strip doors are often seen at following locations:

  • Freezers
  • Cold Storages
  • Kitchens
  • Dairy industry
  • Loading Doors
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Passage Ways
  • Warehouses
  • Food processing units
  • Conveyor Openings
  • Hospitals , Nursing Homes, Clinics & all health care zones.
  • Hood Enclosures
  • Wind Barriers
  • Machine Guarding
  • Wash Bays
  • Chip Guards
  • Clean Rooms
  • Room Division
  • Dust Containment
  • Temperature Control
  • Isolating wood working area or a dirty area from clean area




Robustix strip curtain are made from hi grade PVC material. Robustix offers a range of flexible PVC strip curtains solutions for various industries and sectors such as food service, manufacturing, agricultural , pharmaceutical, high tech (clean rooms and data centers), general trade and distribution among many more. 

Feaures of Robustix Strip Curtain:

  • Food Safe Grade materials
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Kits include Universal hardware
  • Heavy Duty 12” X .120 strips
  • Or 16” X .160 strips
  • Optional Anti Scratch Ribbed Grades
  • Rounded Edges prevent cutting/snagging
  • Standard 67% overlap (4”)
  • Standard and Freezer Grades
  • Various Common Sizes
  • Optional Orange Safety strips to outline doors
  • Other colors and grades available





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Benefits of using an Strip Curtain :


Strip curtain wholesale priceReduce Electricity Bills

Energy savings via control of air transfer hence reduced expense in electricity bills. Also Strip curtains do not consume electricity at all.



strip curtain bangaloreIncreased Comfort

Increased comfort of staff and employees working in locations where doors cannot be installed.

Reduce Product Strip curtain dealersSpoilage due to Contamination

Reduction in product spoilage since the products can be easily transferred within rooms with no doors but not flies and germs.


strip curtain delhi


Climate Control

Better climate control in the entire building due to managed air flow

Reduction in Maintances Cost

Reduction in maintanence cost as with door or without door the dust particles are much lesser likely to enter the premisis installed with an Strip curtain.










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Strip curtain best price


What PVC vinyl strip curtain width best fits your application?

4" Personnel - For use in restaurants and small openings in walk-in coolers and non-windy doorways.

6" Personnel/Light Carts - For use in walk-through coolers, freezer and doorways with light cart traffic.

8" Light Industrial - For interior use with cart, pallet jack and light forklift traffic. Okay for small exterior doorways with some air movement and cold storage coolers and freezers.

12" Industrial - Heavy lift-truck traffic in docks, doorways and cold storage coolers or freezers. Okay for use in exterior doorways and dock enclosures. Provides good sound attenuation.

16" Heavy Industrial - Heavy duty lift-truck or vehicle traffic in large dock, door or craneway openings. Reduce sand, dust, chip and wind penetration. Not designed for walk-through.



What is OVERLAP & How much over lapping do we need for Strip Curtains?

Overlapping is a very essential concept in Strip Curtain. You can specify the amount that your PVC strips overlap to increase their effectiveness. In principal, sheltered light duty curtains will need smaller PVC overlaps, more exposed heavy duty curtains will need larger ones.

Personnel - Strip doors with people traffic should utilize smaller size strips with less overlap. Consider using 6" or 8" material with 33% to 67% overlap. Only use 4" material on very small openings with personnel only traffic. Keep in mind that smaller strips give less wind resistance and will not hold up as well under heavy forklift traffic.
Pallet Trucks - Pallet truck traffic normally indicates that the door will get heavier traffic including pallets of material. Pallet trucks also typically have a person walking with the truck. Keep this in mind. If an opening has heavy pallet and personnel traffic, consider 6" material with 67% overlap, or 8" with 25% or 50% overlap.
Forklift Traffic - Forklift traffic normally indicates heavy traffic with more abuse. Larger PVC vinyl strip sizes should be considered with forklift traffic. Also consider the type of load the forklift is carrying as the strips will drag over the load. If the load is light, the larger strips may tend to drag product off of the load. Consider 8" material with 50% to 100% overlap or 12" material with 25% to 50% overlap.



How to measure ?

When ordering your strip curtain, indicate your exact door opening dimensions by measuring the opening width and height. Check for any obstructions near the opening that may affect the mounting of the strip door to the surface. Common obstructions are lights, switches, vents and drain lines from coils. If you choose wall mount, an additional 6 inches in height and a minimum of 4 inches in width will automatically be added to the door to cover the face of the opening. If obstructions are in the way please indicate when ordering to compensate for the difference. When ordering an In-Jamb mount strip door, the strip door size will be the same as the door opening size.


If you have any trouble chosing the strip curtain you may contact us and we'll happy to assist you in the same.







Note: Robustix Strip air curtain. Best and cheapest brand in India. Now available in wholesale prices in Delhi, NCR Region, Gaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Bangalore, Punjab, Chennai, Mumbai. Best price and quality. Robustix brand. Installation charges ,Taxes & Shipping extra. Various thickness available in strip curtains. Suitable for Food factories, packaging units, army messes, army supplies, hospitals, desnpensory, clinics, malls , banquet halls, restaurants, 5 star hotels, airports, swimming pools etc.


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