Air Curtain - S leek Series



  Sleek Series Air curtain is suitable for door height upto 8 feets    
Unit Dimension
Power Air Speed
Air Flow

(W) (B X H)   High Low Hi Low High Low High Low  
3ft 230*212mm UPTO 8 Feets 405 380 20 16 2200 1760 56 51 Rs.13,000
3.5ft 230*212mm 430 395 2200 1760 57 52 Rs.14,000
4ft 230*212mm 510 480 3000 2400 58 53 Rs.15,000
5ft 230*212mm 660 615 3700 2960 61 56 Rs.17,000
6ft 230*212mm 780 740 4400 3520 110 91 Rs.21,000
7fts 230 x 212 mm 780 740 4400 3520 110 91 Rs.26,000
8fts 230 x 212 mm 780 740 4400 3520 110 91 Rs.29,500
  * Maximum width available in sleek series is 8fts if you want wider then go for commercial series.
* All Air curtains are wall mounting. Ceiling mounted air curtain are made on request.



Sleek (Mesh Look) Also available on request :






Benefits of using an Robustix Air Curtain :


Reduce Electricity Bills

Energy savings via control of air transfer hence reduced expense in electricity bills



Increased Comfort

Increased comfort of staff and employees working in locations where doors cannot be installed.

Reduce Product Spoilage due to Contamination

Reduction in product spoilage since the products can be easily transferred within rooms with no doors but not flies and germs.



Climate Control

Better climate control in the entire building due to managed air flow

Reduction in Maintances Cost

Reduction in maintanence cost as with door or without door the dust particles are much lesser likely to enter the premisis installed with an air curtain.






When purchasing air curtains from , you should consider the following before making a decision:


First thing you need to messure is the width of the door or the passage where the Air Curtain needs to installed.

It should cover the complete width of the door to be effective.


Secondly determine the height at which the Air curtian needs to be installed. As the height increases you would have to go for a model with more Air Velocity (Air Pressure) so that it forms a good air barrier / Wall.



What is the type of application where the air curtain is required. If you are using it in food unit , hospital where hygine is your utmost concern then it is not a bad idea to for Air curtain with exact or even more air velocity than required.


What are the ambient temperature conditions inside and outside the room

If you have extra wide door of more than 8 feets

There are locations like Warehouse Doors , Main Entrance doors of Shopping malls / factories / Hospitals where there are Extra wide doors either for aesthetics reasons or for easy movements of goods / vehicles the doors are very wide.

So if you have a door that is more than 6 feets wide we have 2 options for you:

Option 1: Go for Robustix Commercial Series model in which we have maximum width upto 10 feets.

Option 2: Sleek Series Air Curtains comes with a maximum width of 6 Feets, So you would have to install 2 Air Curtains side by side. Like if the width of door is 10 feets then you would have to install 2 air curtains of 5 feets.

In the given below example the width of the door of warehouse is 12 feets, therefore they have installed 2 Air curtains of 6 Feets.





Automatic DOOR SENSOR : (To switch on the Air Curtain automatically when the Door opens).

Although we have made sure that you can leave our air curtains on 24 x 7 but if you don't have much foot fall or a heavy traffic you may install a automatic door sensor so that the air curtain only switches on when there's is need and then switches off itself.

One door sensor is enough per door. On Double doors (which open seperately) 2 door sensors should be installed the only exception being on doulbe sliding automatic doors which open together.

Price : Rs.1,980 (installation extra)



Photo sensor for Air Curtain


PHOTO SENSOR : (To switch on the Air Curtain automatically when someone approaches the door).

Two Photo door sensor should be installed per door no matter which type of door you have.

Incase of automatic sliding doors also two photo sensors need to installed.
(Existing photo sensors installed for sliding doors should never be used).

Price : Rs.9,800 / Set of 2 pcs (Installtion Extra)



Air Pressure



Note: Air Velocity should be measured from top and not at the bottom, as air velocity will continue to decrese as you will go till the bottom of the floor.


Similarly the noise level of an air curtain should be checked few meters from air curtain.









Note: Air Curtain's from Avro & Robustix come in a plain brown/white box without any logo or AVRO / ROBUSTIX printed on it, Also Units might or might not have AVRO/Robustix Sticker on them. Delivery time for all air cutains is minimum 7 - 12 Days. All prices are of MS and Not S.S Models. Fitting charges will be extra. Freight extra. All prices are F.O.R Delhi. If purchase is to be made against C Form then the form must be submitted in advance or against equavalent security. Usually all air curtain supplied will be white color , if white color is not available then light grey color will be supplied, Kinldy inform in advance if you have any color choice otherwise which ever is available will be supplied. Sensor switch charges extra Rs.1800. By default Robust brand's Air curtain will be supplied if no brand is mentioned in purchase order or our quotation. There are 2 designs of SLEEK Model (Plain & Grill) If not model is specified in purchase order or our Quotation then which ever is available will be supplied - Cost of both the designs is same. Best air curtain in India is on basis of the quality , performance , acceptance at all govt. , hotels and restaurants in delhi, gurgaon, rajasthan, mumbai etc.


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