Electric Tandoor

Electri Tandoor  
  Brand Glare / Prima
  Model Glass Top -FO
  Color Black
  Wattage 1000-2000W
  Cord Length 1.5 mts Aprox.
  Warranty 1 Year
  Plate size 13.5" W X 10.5 D
  Dimension 19"w x 11"d x 8" h
  Weight 7.5 K.G. (Aprox.)
  MRP Rs. 2,395/-
  You Save Rs. 705
  Our Price Rs. 1,690/-
    ( Delivery Charges Extra )

Tandoors have been there since centruies when clay oven tandoors were used in Places for making royal dishes to the present modern day senario.
Now you too can relish tasty dishes in the comfort of home without compromising on quality of food or the precious space of your kitchen and still spending too little.

Unlike microwaves, Electric tandoor are really inexpensive, Do not emit any kind of rays & Give better browing effect without any kind of hassle or witout being tech savy!


Items that can be made in Electric Tandoor

Paneer Tikka Missi Roti & Tandoori Naan
Pizza Kabaabs
Tandoori Chicken  



Note: The Glass fitted on the top of tandoor is for asthetics purpose only, You can not look through it inside the tandoor, although you can use it for platter for placing the cooked items on it for a short while. Prdouct will be delivered of either brands mentioned above.

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