With Original spare you can be sure to have an enhanced life of your sujata mixer grinder. For best results use only genuine Sujata Spare parts.

SUJATA PRICE LIST (WEF 01 APRIL 2013 - SUBJECT TO Change without prior Notice)

Grinder Jar of Powermatic + Stainless steel Jar
(Usage: For Griding all type of spices, turmeric, roaster coffee beans, All varities of dal)
Capacity : 800ml
Comes with Lid & Handle
Blender Jar of Powermatic +
Polycarbonate Transparent Usage: For making Milk Shakes, Lassi, making tomato pures, batter for idli,vada, dosa, etc.
Capacity: 1.25 Lits
(Comes with Lid)
Mega Flow Jar of Megamix (FOR COMMERCIAL USAGE)

Large transparent Liquidiser Jar with tap Capacity 3.5 Lits
(Comes with Lid)
Chutney Jar with Handle For Making Chutney in small qty
Capacity: 480 Gms
Comes with Lid
more information..
Blender Jar - of Dynamix
Stainless Steel Jar
Capacity: 1.85 LITS
(Comes with Lid)
6 Garari / Teeth for Jar Black in color for Grinder Jar & Blender Jar Rs.75/-
7 Garari / Teeth for motor White in color for Motor (Powermatic + & Megamix) Rs.75/-
8 Plastic Lid (Complete)
more info..
Grinder Jar Lid
(with Transparent center piece)
Rs. 135/-
9 Coupling of Motor Motor coupling for Powermatic + & Megamix Rs.295
10 Juice Waste bucket Waste bucket to hold juice waste Rs.375/-
11 Juicer Mesh Stainless Steel BOTTOM VIEW
Juicer top cover
Transparent (white) Top Cover for Sujata Juicer Rs.590/-
Top cover Locks White colorLocks for Juicer top cover Rs.98/-
Juicer centre piece
(Also see top view by clicking here)
White color centre piece of juicer Rs.395/-
Pusher White color pusher for pushing fruits Rs.95/-
16 Juicer Spout Spout for Center Piece of Juicer Rs.75/-
17 Brush Tooth brush for cleaning Mesh Rs.25/-
18 grinder blade sujata Grinder Blade* Blade for Grinder Jar Rs.95/-
19 Blender Blade* Blade for Blender Jar Rs.95/-
20 Grating / Mincing Blade For grating and chopping of vegetables & Mincing meat Rs.95/-
21 Whipping Blade (SS) Blade for whipping lassi, whisking egg white , creaming, butter milk, beating whole eggs for omelette etc. Rs.95/-
22 Plastic Bace of Blender jar (Powrmatic +) White color plastic base without assembly for Blender jar of Powermatic Plus. Rs. 180/-
Juicer Attachment Set*
Contains all 6 attachments for extracting juice.
(Sno. 10,11,12,14,15 & 16)

For Customers having Dynamix Motor : The juicer attachment won't fit on it unless you purchase PART NO.09 along with it.
24 Carbon Motor Cabon Rs.98/-
25 Service Charge* Minimum Testing charges will be charged if after giving estimate customer do not gets the product repaird. Else it would be adjusted in the total cos of repairs. Rs.200/-
26 Pick Up & Drop off* Charge from Metro station in Delhi NCR Region. For pickup & drop off of Defective sujata products. Rs.180 Or more depending upon location



Spare Parts of Mega Flow (Tooti Jar)

MF1 Jar Lid Stopper Transparent Stopper in the center of Lid Rs.50/-
MF2 Jar Lid with Stopper Lid with Stopper of Mega flow jar Rs.160/-
MF3 Transparent Jar Piece Transparent Jar Center Piece for Mega Flow Jar only Rs. 540/-
MF4 Tap Assembly Tap that is on the socket of Mega flow jar. Rs.120/-
MF5 Rubber Gasket White color gasket that is found in socket of mega flow jar Rs.60/-
MF6 Spout Cover Spout cover that is found on the socket of the Mega flow jar. Rs.65/-
MF7 Socket with Cutter Assembly Base of Mega Flow jar with Spout Cover , Rubber & Blade Set Rs. 640/-



Note : *Capacity of Jars mentioned above is only an approximate. Pickup & Drop off facility available for DELHI NCR customer against charges. Kindly note if after estimate of repairs if you do not wish to get your product repaired then service charges will still be chargable. Design of blades subject to change due to continues development, you may receive the blades differnet from the images shown. If juicer attachment is purchased for dynamix model then you would have to additionally purchase the coupling as the coupling won't fit in the juicer mesh. All given above spares are meant to be used only for sujata products. Blades won't come with screw nuts.

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