Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder - Sujata Brand

Brand Sujata
Model Dynamix (Commercial Model)
Product Motor with Steel Jars
Jars 1pc Blender Jar : 1.5Lits*
1pc Dry Grinder : 1.0 Lits*
1pc Cutney Jar : 200 Gms.*
Motor Heavy Duty, universal type 900 watt
Spare teeth
Power supply 230 to 240 Volts AC 50 Hz
Rating 90 Minutes
Weight 6.0 K.G
Dimensions in cm 37 x 46 x 23
Motor speed 18,000 R.P.M.
Speed 3 Speed with Rotary action switch + 1 Wipper Button for momentary motion.
Flex Cord P.V.C aprox 2mts with 5a top
Warranty 1 Year
MRP Rs. 6390/-
You Save Rs. 1,515
Our Price Rs. 4,875/-
Delivery Charges Ex Delhi: Rs.200
Delhi ncr - Rs.80 till metro station


Dynamix : It is Ideal for Restaurant, Hotels & Big Famlies where there's is huge requirement of spices, Shakes & Chutney for food prepration. With its large sized stainless steel jars it your day to day task become much easier and hassle free. Its 810 Watts heavy duty ,double sealed ball bearing motor will make sure to last many years.



Click on Play to view demo on:
How to fit jars on Dynamix


Tip: If you have purchased juicer attachment extra with Dynamix then remove the centere piece (The one on which DYNAMIX is written) only then you'll be able to aseemble the juicer attment on the motor.



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Sujata Centrifugal Juicer : This Model does not comes with a juicer attachement. If you also require juicer option you can either purchase juicer attachement extra or you can go for Powermatic + Juicer Mixer Grinder. If you


Note : *Capacity of Jars mentioned above is only an approximate. Kindly speak to our executive if you have any doubts. The Dynamix juicer by default comes with Metal teeth on motor & the coupling without the metal ball on the side. If you have ordered juicer along with the Dynamix you will not be supplied with the coupling on motor with metal teeth as then you won't be able to install the juicer on the dynamix. Due to continuos upgradation in quality,design & specs can be changed at any time without updation on our site. The Dynamix model does not comes with spare teth although it is mentioned in its manual as now sujata has started providing metal teeth. Mixer grinder also available rom the brand Maharani in 1800 w and 1600 watts and not from brand Sujata, No claim shall be entertained for claiming or any confusion regarding the same.

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