Centrifugal Juicer - Sujata

Brand Sujata
Product Centrifugal Juicer
Grinder Jar
Blender Jar
Motor Heavy Duty, universal type 900 watts
Power supply 230 to 240 Volts AC 50 Hz
Rating 90 Minutes
Weight 6.0 K.G
Motor Speed 18,000 R.P.M
1 Year
MRP Rs. 5800/-
You Save Rs. 1810
Our Price Rs. 3,990/-
Delivery Charges Ex Delhi: Rs.200
Delhi ncr - Rs.80 till metro station
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Sujata Centrifugal Juicer is the most powerful juicer available in market.
Its 810 Watts motor make them ideal for Commercial users. Today it is popularly used at most juice shops, cafe houses & many leading 5 Star Hotels.


How to assemble Sujata Centrifugal Juicer

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How to assemble Juicer


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Note : The company has discontinued making seperate packaging for Centrifugal Juicer. The customers who wish to purchase Centrifugal Juicers will be given Powermatic + (Juicer Mixer Grinder) after removing the 1pc Grinder Jar (Stainless Steel) & 1pc Mixer Jar (Polycarbonate) from the box. Also the outer packaging can also be of any of the following : Powermatic+,Megamix or Dyanamix. Purchasing a complete jmg will be more cost effective in comparison to buying just the centrifugal juicer & we will not upgrade the same once purchase by paying the difference amount. Note : It is implied that you have also read & agreed to our T&C mentioned on the Disclaimer page on our website before proceeding to any further. Actual product / Specifications may vary from what given above.


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