Hot Plate

Hot Plate   Brand Glamours
  Model Round - 1K
  Product Hot Plate
  Watts 1000 Watts
1 Year
  Our Price Rs. 790/-

Hot Plate : It is suitable for making a full 3 cource meal along with hot bevrages. It is absolute* replacement of a conventional gas stove in case of emergency when LPG cylender is to availabel.

It also comes very handy when you are travelling out of your home city and sitll want to cook your tasy home cooked food. Today it is also widely used by travellers & Students studying in hostels.



ALSO Available HOTPLATE WITH SWITCH - Square Shape

Watts: 1500 WATTS

PRICE: Rs. 990/-



Note : The company glamours does not provide a lead along with the hot plate. We will provide a lead with it.


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