Hot Case - Sliding 3 Rack (Jumbo)

PROFESSIONAL : ALSO AVAILABLE HEAVY DUTY SERIES for Rs. 600 Extra (22 Gauge Body with 5mm Toughend Glass + Heavy weight body)

Brand Robustix - Glare
Model No. Jumbo Sliding 1G
No. Racks 3
Glass on Front Yes (2 Sliding Glass)
Glass on Back NO (Metal Back)
Glass Quality Toughend
Outerbody Powder Coated
Body Color Light Grey + Black
Dimensions (WxDxH) 27 x 14 x 21 inches
Capacity 108 Lits
Watts 1000 W*
Automatic termprature control Nob Yes
Light Indicator Yes (Red Color)
Warranty 1 Year
MRP Rs. 5,590/-
You Save Rs. 1740
Our Price Rs. 3,850/-
  Taxes & Delivery charge extra


Usages : It is widely used at bakery shops, Restaurants etc.

Special Feature of Jumbo hotcase with glass on one side.

It is very popular model at cafetarias, bakery shops & Shops where you can keep this DOUBLE SIDED HOTCASE on the counter and the customer can choose what he wants to have from one side by looking into the glass and on the other side is the vendor or the shop keeper who can take the choosen item out from the hotcase by sliding the glass doors on his side.


Can we use the Display hotcase for keeping Lunch Boxes of employees

Technichally yes, but as you don't need to display tiffins the Double sided glass feature would not be required. Therefore we recommend you should go for a model of hotcase without display from both sides from Glare brand which are also available with us.


Preparing the hotcase to use it the very first time:

When Using the hotcase for the first time pre heat Hotcase for about 15minutes. During the preheating process keep the Sliding Glass open. The new elements might emit some slight smoke for the first time it is heated which a normal, Therefore it is important to leave the door open for a few minutes to let the smoke escape.




Special Wooden crate packing for All India Delivery (Charges : Rs.400 Extra)

When you order with us you can be sure to have the product delivered to you without any breakage as proper care is taken when packing and shipping the product.



Additonal Light option (Charges : Rs.300 Extra)

It is for better viewing of samosa, patties, burgers or anything that is placed inside the hotcase




USAGE : It is Ideal Offices , Hostals, Mess, Factory, Schools for keeping lunch boxes hot for long duration etc..


Note : It is believed that you have also read & agreed to our T&C & specifications by reading the Disclaimer page on our website before proceeding to any further. Actual product / Specifications may vary from what given above. Hotcase are not ment for Quick reheating of food. If you need to purchase for that pupose then purchase a Microwave. Incase of complaints in HOTCASE the product must be sent to our showroom at your own cost, No free home service will be provided. No warranty for Breakage of Glass in hotcase. Due to hand manufacturing some dents might be visible. It is not ment for cooking food. Taxes Extra as applicable.


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