Maxie Deluxe Food processor


Brand Inalsa
Motor Power 600 Watts
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years (On Motor)
Rating 30 Minutes
Total no. of Jars 3
Blender Jar 1pc (1.0 Lits)
Grinder Jar 1pc (S.S.)
Small Chutney Jar YES - 1pc (S.S.)
MRP Rs. 7,245/-
You Save Rs. 1,995
Our Price Rs. 5,250/-
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    Features of Inalsa Maxie

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    Inalsa food processor comes with many differnet attachments To know how each attachment works, Click on differnet videos :
    chopping blade of maxie
    shredding disc of inalsa food processor slicing disc attachment of inalsa food processor
    centrifugal juicer of maxie citrus juicer attachment of inlsa
    Blender jar of inalsa maxie grinder jar of inalsa food processor
    Troubleshooting & Safety Features








Note : Due to continues improvements the actual product may vary from the picture shown above. Also one piece grinder jar is not shown in the above pic which now comes with the Maxie Deluxe & will be provided along with Inalsa Maxie Deluxe model shown above. It is believed that you have also read & agreed to our T&C & specifications by reading the Disclaimer page on our website before proceeding to any further. Pictures & Logo property of the respective companies.

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