Multifunction Noodle cum Tea Maker Kettle

Brand Aote
Model Noodle Kettle
Capacity 1.7 Lits
Body Stainless Steel
Wattage 950 W - 1100W
Boil Dry Protection
Cordless - 360°
Auto Cut on Boil
Concealed Element
Lid Glass - Trasnparent
Light Indicator
1 Year
MRP Rs. 1890/-
You Save Rs. 800
Our Price Rs.1,090/-


Things you can do in Multifunction Noodle cum Teamaker kettle:

  Boil Milk Black Tea Tea
  Noodles Boil Eggs Boil Water


VARIABLE TEMPRATURE CONTROL: Unlike kettles with fixed temprature this Multifunction Noodel cum Tea Maker kettle allows you not only to boil water but you can also use it to make Noodels, Tea, Boil Eggs, Boil Milk etc.

TRANSPARENT TOP LID: Now see whats cooking inside your kettle as the lid is made of transparent glass unlike most kettle in which the lid is made of plastic. This will specially be useful while making tea, boiling milk or just about anything!

WIDE MOUTH: This special multifunction Noodle cum Tea maker kettle comes with a wide mouth which is ideal for cooking food. Further this wide moth kettle is very easy to clean unlike its couterpart in which you can't even insert your hand inside it.

CONCEALED ELEMENT : Usually kettles are fitted with open elements due to which you can only use them to boil water. But this kettle is fitted with a concealed element due which it can be used for making tea, coffee, boiling milk, boing water, boiling eggs and can even be used for preparing selected food itmes like Maggi Noodles etc.

CORDLESS 360° : A cordless kettle multiplies the ease of usage. You wont have wire hanging with it. In a cordless kettle you have a bace that is corded & not the kettle. Simply place the kettle over the bace to start using it and lift it after use and take it anywhere to pour. What does is 360° Cordless: Lift & Place the kettle anywhere on the bace , no worries about aligning the kettle correctly over the bace.

Auto Cut Off : Now you don't have to wait for water to boil as it will automatically switch Off when it is boiled. Remember the cut off is set according to water and not to milk, Manually check it when milk reaches the your desired temprature and switch it off.

Boil Dry Protection : Now you don't have to worry if you accidently switch the kettle ON without putting any liquid in the kettle. The element won't get burnt as the Kettle would automatically switch off. But ofcource you should try not to make that mistake!

Light Indicater : makes it easier for you to know if the kettle is On and is boiling water. When the kettle automatically switches off after boiling the indicator light will go off.


USAGE : It is Ideal for home, showrooms, offices, students in hostels & Travel purpose when you want to cook noodles, make tea, boil milk for infants or simply just boil water.


Note : People using it for travel outside India should purchase a conversion plug for coutries like Europe where you need FLAT PINS. Furthermore this kettle is not suitable for people travelling to countries like US where the voltage is 110V. Cordless does not means that the kettle will get charged like a cordless phone and will work without electricity. Picture shown above of concealed element are for indicative pupose only. Also read our Disclaimer.


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