Usha Brita Storage Water Filter : Troubleshooting

Ques I just bought Usha brita water purifier and its leaking?
Ans There are 2 main reasons because of which your Usha brite might be leaking:
  1. Before you start using brita water purifier its is important that you soak both the candles for at least 90mins in normal room temprature water. After that take out the candles and shake them well. Finally Place the candles inside the purifier carefully (Make sure you put candles in appropriate place ment for it)
Ques I just did everything above and it is still leaking?

It is Important that after you do the above steps, You should have your water purifier empty. After that place the tranparent portion on purifier on it. Now lift the lever in this portion to FILL position. Now fill the water till top.

CLOSE THE TOP LID Tightly. If any air passes the leakage will start. Now lower down the lever to PURIFY.

Ques My purifier is nor leaking nor purfying water even though i did both above sets?
Ans You have done all well!! The water has begun purifying but you will only get water after 45mins after it has completed is cycle. Be patient.
Ques When do i need to change the candles?
Ans Usually it is recommended that you change your candles every 6months or 1800Lits whichever is earlier. You can purchase new set of candles from our showroom.
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