Steam Iron : Troubleshooting

Ques Not enough steam is coming out of my steam iron?
Ans Try increasing the steam control nob.
  Try Self Cleaning it.
Ques How to self clean my steam iron.
Ans Usually these days most steam irons come with a self clean feature. The best way to self clean a iron is to fill up the water tank of your steam iron with water to maximum level. Switch on the iron and move the thermostat to Cotton/Linen position. Wait for iron to cutt off. Now without switching off the iron lift the iron in air and hold it in horizontal position so that the holes are facing on the ground. Now press & hold the self clean button (in Philips steam irons to self clean :you have to move the steam control nob to self clean & pull it)
Ques Can I use any kind of water to fill up my steam iron?
Ans No, It is advisable to use only purified water i.e Drinking water in steam iron so as to prevent calcium deposits developing in the pores of steam iron.
Ques Can I leave water in my steam iron?
Ans It is advisable not to leave any excess water in your steam iron so as to prevent any calcium deposits. In the first place you should avoid putting in excess water if you only need to iron a few clothes.
Ques Can I wind i.e roll the wire of my steam iron immidiately after ironing?
Ans It is always a good idea to wind the cord after you wait for atleast 5mins before you initiate the cord winding process.


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