Food Processor : Troubleshooting

Ques The Food Processor does not starts?
Ans Try following steps :
  1. Press the "Reset Button" (Red Color) on the bottom.
  2. If you are using the food processor for grinding or blending maker sure the food procssor's transparent bowl is empty & is securely closed (Locked).
  3, If you are using the food processor for puposes other than blending / grinding make sure you have removed the blender or grinder jar off the machine and the lid is closed. As well as the food processor's transparent chamber is securely locked.
  A troubleshooting video is given below for your better understanding.
Ques What is the warranty period for Inalsa/Bajaj Food processer Maxie?
Ans Warranty on motor is for 5years. The rest of the product comes with 2 year on site warranty covering all other parts.
Ques I don't know which blade I should use for which function , Can I have a demo?
Ans Now you can view videos explaining functions of each blade on our webiste ! Each video is quite explanatory with complete details of each attachment. Click here to see a Demo
Ques When I switch on the food processor, Both grinder part and the food processor chamber side's motor get on.
Ans The motor is common for both the functions , therefore you are advised to use only on function at a time and not both functions simultaneously. See the Troubleshooting demo given below.

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