Gas Stove : Troubleshooting

Ques My utensils are getting black when ever i use my gas stove ,what should i do?
Ans Usually this problem arises in new gas stoves. The main reason is the setting of gas with air mixing. Once set it should not happen again or atleast for a couple of years. Although this is not considered as a defect in the gas stove but the setting needs to be adjusted which a trained technitian should only do so therefore Call the helpline nos. in such a case and a have an expert do this.
Ques I am having trouble with flame it is not burning properly?
Ans Try cleaning the burners with a safty pin.
  If your gas stove is a new piece then the answer could be the same as answered in the quest no.1.
Ques My old gas stove had black burners this one has golden burners why?
Ans Earlier gun metal burners were used these days brass burners are used which are considered better in as comparison to the gun metal or as you said the black burners.
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