Cooker : Cleaning & Care

  To get the best use from your Pressure Cooker, observe the following directions.  
  Body and Lid  
  Remove label, wash, rinse and dry cooker before use. Remove any adhesive with baby or vegetable oil.  
  Do not hit or knock the rim of the cooker body with a ladle, spoon or any other object and protect the edge of the lid from dents which may disturb sealing.  
  Do not leave food or water in the cooker for hours. Do not leave the cooker lying in water or with dirty dishes. Chemicals and natural salts in the water and decomposing food can cause pitting of the metal. Do not leave salted liquid, vinegar, lemon juice, mayonnaise or mustard in the cooker. Never add salt to the cooker when there is no liquid in the cooker.  
  Plastic handles are liable to break under a blow.  
  Do not attempt to remove the "play" or movement provided for the lid handle bar where it is attached to the lid.  
  Rubber Sealing Ring/Gasket  
  Do not stretch the sealing ring, particularly when it is hot, as it may distort.  
  Replace the sealing ring when it no longer seals, becomes hard or cracked. Before replacing at the first sign of not sealing, however, check that the sealing ring is sitting flush in the lid curl and that the lid is properly centered. Sometimes just moving the sealing ring around or inverting it stops the leak.  
  General Cleaning  
  DO NOT WASH PRESSURE COOKER OR ANY OF ITS PARTS IN A DISHWASHER. The cooker body of the Hawkins Classic and the Hawkins Contura may be washed in a dishwasher but may tarnish.  
  Always wash and dry every surface of the cooker soon after use. Food, if not removed, can corrode the metal over a period of time.  
  Wash all parts of the cooker in hot water with a mild soap or detergent and a dishcloth or sponge. Rinse and wipe dry. Aluminium can become pitted if left wet.  
  Carefully remove the sealing ring when washing the lid. Gently wipe or wash and rinse the sealing ring without stretching it.  
  Check that the steam vent is clear after rinsing. If it is clogged, clean by carefully pushing a wire through the steam vent. Rinse with running water. A needle may be used to remove food from the steam vent nut.  
  The pressure regulator can be cleaned with a jet of water to clear the holes inside. The colour of the black spring of the pressure regulator may wear off over time. This is normal wear and does not affect its functioning.  
  Clean the area between the lid and the lid handle bar with a brush as required. (A special cleaning brush is supplied along with the Futura pressure cooker. The main brush is designed to clean between the handle and the lid. The shorter brush can be used to clean around the steam vent and the pressure regulator).  
  Metallic marks - most often from gas stove pan supports - may appear on the black hard anodized base. To remove metallic marks from base: apply a kitchen cleanser to the marks and rub with an abrasive kitchen scrubber such as Scotch-Brite or fine steel wool.  
  Baked-on Stains  
  If the pressure cooker is not cleaned thoroughly after each use, a thin layer of food or grease may remain. When the cooker is heated next, this food/grease becomes "baked-on" and very difficult to remove. Avoid "baked-on" fat or gravy stains; wipe off any fat or gravy on the cooker base before placing on hot stove. Ensure stove surface in contact with pressure cooker is free of fat drippings.  
  If you do get "baked-on" stains on the base, tackle them while they are still fresh. Soak in hot water. Make a thick paste of a chlorine-based kitchen cleanser and apply it to the surface. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then scour with steel wool using a circular motion. Wash and wipe dry.  
  If food is stuck to the cooker, remove with a plastic scrubber and a non-abrasive cleanser or an aluminium cleanser. If food is badly stuck or burned: pour into cooker enough water (not above half full) to cover the area of burned food. Close cooker. Bring to full pressure on high heat. Reduce heat and cook 5 minutes. Allow to cool naturally. Open cooker. Wash and wipe dry. Do not use abrasive powders or bleach. For stubborn spots, a fine soap-impregnated steel wool pad may be used sparingly, knowing that the cooker surface may get damaged.  
  Loss of Shine  
  With use, the aluminium cooker body and lid may lose their shine. The loss of shine is the normal behavior of the metal over time.  
  Removing Stains Caused by Chemicals in the Water
(This section is not applicable to the Hard Anodised Contura pressure cooker, Futura pressure cooker and the black base of the Ekobase and Ventura pressure cookers.)
  The inside of the cooker body may become darker due to minerals in the water. This darkening is neither injurious to health nor does it affect the taste and quality of food. To remove stains from inside the cooker body: fill cooker with water to half its capacity. Add 2 teaspoons tartaric acid (cream of tartar) or lemon juice for each quart/litre of water. Bring cooker to full pressure on high heat and cook 15 minutes. If you wish to remove stains from the upper half of the cooker body, do not pressure cook. Fill cooker with enough of the same water-tartaric acid solution to cover the stains. Boil 30 minutes. Wash and then dry with a soft, clean cloth.  
  How to Prevent Unnecessary Fusing of the Safety Valve  
  Check that the steam vent is clear by looking through it.  
  Do not fill the cooker more than 2/3 (for liquid foods, not more than half).  
  Do put enough water for the cooking time  
  Do not place the Hawkins pressure cooker (except the Big Boy) on an industrial burner or stove - use only a domestic stove.  
  Do reduce heat to medium or lower when the pressure cooker reaches "Full Operating Pressure"  
  Do take the pressure cooker off the stove when its cooking time is complete (Check cooking time in our Pressure Cooking Charts or Recipes).  
  Replaceable Parts  
  Always use genuine spare parts for your safety and the durability of the cooker which are always available at our showroom or can be ordered online.  


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