Aquasure Eureka Forbes : Troubleshooting

Ques How do I install my water Purifier?  
Ans Before installing the Aquasure water purifier its is important that you soak both the candles in water (of Normal Room temprature)  
Ques I've purchased my water purifier a few days before but water is not purifying i.e. no water is coming in the lower container.
Ans The Aqua sure water purifier requires regular fushing i.e cleaning of the upper candle.
  Usually this happens because of impurities in water clogging the candles resutling in no water supply in the lower container.
  Take out the Upper candle and immerce in a bowl of fresh water . Further attach the plastic pump (supplied with the Purifier) and pump it.

More over, the bottom cartridge should be soaked completely under water to remove all the air bubbles (trapped in it) and it should be filled to the stem with
All the impurities and excess deposits will get flushed and pure water will start coming.
Ques When do I change my candles?  
Ans It is usually recommended that you change candles every 1800lits purified or after 6months which ever is earlier. This may vary if the water has more impurities than the average levels. Contact us when you need to purchase a new candle.  
Ques What are the various filters of Aquasure Water filter?  
Ans 1. Particulate filter – This is a Sediment filter bag made of rugged coarse cloth/paper which removes solid substances if any from the water.
2. Sediment Filter – This is a cylindrical paper filter that filters smaller dirt particles from the water.
3. Carbon block – Next the water passes through the carbon block which again traps impurities and also removes any adverse taste in the water.
4. Bottom cartridge – Finally, the water passes through the bottom cartridge which contains granular activated carbon and a disinfection resin which purifies water of any germs.


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