All warranty or gurantee will be given by the respective company and not by us. We under no cirmustance will provide replacement or exchange of any faulty product in warranty or guarantee period hand to hand. However if you wish to avail warranty from us the faulty products should be sent to our showroom at your expense and we will get them repaired or replaced as per that compny's policy, which can take upto a week's time minimum.We will under no circumstance we responsible for any delay caused.

    In Following conditions the warranty of product will be Void / Rejected if:
  1. You do not have properly filled warranty/gurantee card or Invoice
  2. Serial no. of the product is tempered
  3. Date of manufacturing or Date of purchase is tampered / Faded / not readable for whatsoever reason.
    Following are not convered in warranty / guarantee :
  1. Burnt : Chokes / Lighter / Stabilizers / Elements of all kinds
  2. Motors - in which water has entered. In case of ceiling fans it happens usually in rainy season where ceiling is leaking.
  3. Bulbs & Tubes (Either sold loose or with any other appliance or appratus
  4. Flask's Glass Refill's breakage for any reason
  5. Stainless steel insulated flask when : Inner lid is broken b)When body is dented from outside. Due to these two reason water will not remain hot or cold for long durations.

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